Trust in IndiGO with all your heart

No matter the project or scope, Western Massachusetts residents and business owners can trust IndiGO Painters to provide quality service and results. We like to think we’re much more than your “typical” full service painting company.


We don’t just love painting. We care about people and understand that your home and workplace is important to you. We want you to be happy before and after your project is completed. When it comes to customer service, we focus on honesty and building trust. We want you to like us! 


Dependability is key!

We pride ourselves on our personal relationships with our clients. We give you the comfort and respect you desire when inviting us into your home. We are trustworthy, clean and experienced. 


We are Punctual

IndiGO Painters produces high-quality results within budgets and deadlines, and strive to exceed expectations. We value your time and pride ourselves on being punctual. 


Providing Quality is a given!

We use only high quality products to bring out the beauty of your home. Your home sweet home is safe with us!